Thursday, January 6, 2011

Zumba is my life

I just finished up my second Zumba class of the week, and I am on a workout high! I just can't believe that Trinity Baptist offers two free classes a week, and it is less than a mile away from my house. Zumba was one of the best things I have ever started doing, but I let it slide my last semester at college. Now I don't have an excuse!

Even though I can go to the gym and run or bike, I really hate it. I have to distract myself with a book or a TV show. Now I can't afford the cost of a gym membership. But this Zumba class is perfect because it is helping me get back into shape and it doesn't break the bank. I just found out that my office is offering three free classes a week: toning, yoga, and zumba. It's like I am in workout heaven!

This summer I seriously considered getting Zumba certified so I could teach classes. Now it is looking like an even better option, especially since I am working part time. Getting certified would be a great way to get a little extra income while still doing something that I love.

And maybe it would even pay for my next cruise, which I have already started to plan. Should I pay rent or go on a cruise? Tough call :)

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