Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Goals, goals, goals. Not the soccer kind.

I had an amazing weekend, but I haven't uploading pictures to blog about it yet. Tomorrow, I promise.

Yesterday I was hanging out with Abigail and Laura before we went to Zumba. It was Abigail's first Zumba experience and I am happy to report that she liked it and wants to go with us once a week! Awesome. I didn't have such a great time at Zumba, though. About 4 songs in I started getting all dizzy and just felt horrible so I had to sit out until almost the end. Disappointing, because I hate missing a good workout that I actually enjoy. 

Also, Abigail asked La and I to run in the OKC Memorial Marathon as a relay team with her. La agreed immediately, but I am still on the fence. I'm not a runner. I am a dancer by nature, and I hate hate hate running. But I also know running is good for you. Running builds endurance and strength. And it would only be a 5K, which I think I could manage (but only if I trained, and then took some sort of drug on race day).

As you can see. the jury is still out on that decision.

But back to the point of this post, if there even is one: Abigail inspired me yesterday. Before Zumba, she was talking about how she wanted to create a bulletin board of her future goals and her plan to get her there. Brilliant. I am inspired through visual representations, because it is a constant reminder of the ultimate goal. It is a source of strength when you have lost most determination. So I started thinking about my goals and how I can find more inspiration to see them through.

Since I am in a time of transition, I get the privilege of choosing what I want to focus on. Two areas of my life that I really want to improve are my prayer/quiet time and fitness/nutrition. I think in both areas I need discipline and consistency. Focus on overall health and not perfection (because it doesn't exist, duh). I don't know exactly what my specific goals are, but it is just something rolling around in my mind right now.

My other big goal is a lot easier to measure: London Olympics 2012. I have loved the Olympics since I was a little girl and it is a lifelong dream to attend the Olympic games someday. So I might as well start trying now. I am not sure how the process works. I know you have to apply for tickets, so I am not even sure I will get chosen. BUT. I am going to give it my best shot. This involves saving a lot of money, and I am on a part time salary. But I think it can happen. I figure I will need about $5,000 for what I want to do: Hit a few days of the Olympics, and spend the rest of the time exploring Ireland, Scotland, and England (away from London, ha). This is such a big dream. It makes me feel nervous just to type it all out! But how much fun it would be!

So the question for me is: how can I quantify these goals? and how can I represent them visually and keep my eye on the prize? Maybe this will be my project for tomorrow.

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