Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Signs of adulthood

  1. Asking your mom to turn your room at home into a guest room.
  2. Subscribing to a daily newspaper (paper copy, no less).
  3. Requesting socks for Christmas--and actually wanting them.
In case you are wondering, all of those points passed through my mind today. I guess I am growing up. And I love it.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Check one thing off the list!

From L to R: Emily, Josh, Joel and me
This busy, busy weekend I got together with two people from my small group (Emily and Joel) and one of their friends (Josh) to ring bells for the Salvation Army at the Norman Walmart on I-35. As you can see from the picture, we also provided musical entertainment.

We had some great trombone solos, plus our group rendition of "Feliz Navidad" was a musical masterpiece. People would actually stop in the parking lot to listen to us. It was pretty cool to spread a little Christmas joy this weekend.

Friday, December 2, 2011

My Christmas bucket list

Sometimes the holiday season seems to rush by me, so this year I am trying to focus on things that will make it feel special and meaningful. I really don't care about getting gifts that much, but I do love buying thoughtful gifts for people and even more so, spending a lot of festive time with friends and family. So this year I am making a "bucket list" of things that are important for me to do this Christmas.

  1. Buy local for Christmas. Did you know that if you shop local 70 percent of your dollars stay in the town where you shopped? With corporations, the number drops to around 40 percent. (statistic here) So this year I want to make sure my dollars are invested the wonderful community that I call home. 
  2. Go to a Christmas Eve service. Last year it was at the Catholic church in Idabel, and I loved it. A new Christmas tradition for me.
  3. Go ice skating.
  4. Read A Christmas Carol
  5. Make a Gingerbread house.
  6. Volunteer as a bell ringer for the Salvation Army.
  7. Pay for a stranger's meal without being noticed.
  8. Watch all my favorite Christmas movies without multitasking or being online. Because I don't really get to enjoy it if I am distracted. 
  9. Bake cookies and candy for presents.
  10. Go caroling.
  11. Hang mistletoe somewhere.
  12. Choose one book to read every year at Christmas. It doesn't have to be Christmas themed, just something I will want to read every year.