Friday, January 28, 2011

Country road, take me home

Today I am going home to Idabel for the Miss IHS pageant. I haven't been back to the pageant since the year I graduated, but the pic of me is in 2005, when I was much younger and whiter, apparently. I know I am fair skinned, but goodness! I just can't fathom the paleness that is emanating from my body. It's like I am glowing. Makes me want to risk getting skin cancer and hit the tanning bed, but I will try to fight the urge. I guess I can take comfort in knowing that millions of Victorian women would envy my skin tone. Yeah, that helps (not).

Anyway, I am going home to see my dear friend sister Abby in this year's pageant! I am beyond excited, because I know she will do an amazing job! Megan, Tim and Cara will also be there! Yay! And I am also just plain excited to be going home! I love OKC but my heart is still in Idabel. I know, I am shocked, too.  Norman is home for now, but I definitely miss small-town life. It's just a different world. So to honor that, I am going to listen to a ton of country music on the way home about pastures and pick up trucks, ha.

See you soon, Bel-town!

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  1. I don't think I would have known that was you if I didn't see your mom and dad standing beside you.

    Miss you so much!!