Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Home sweet home: living room

Like I said in an earlier post, I really love the house I am living in right now. Since it was built in the 40s, it totally fits my style. And we were able to furnish it almost entirely with refurbished furniture, which helped save money.

Here is the view from the front door. Welcome to the house! The door you see in the middle leads to the kitchen.

One thing about houses built in the 40s: there are very small closets. I'm sure people had far less clothes then. Anyway, my parents picked up this 1930s wardrobe and painted it black, and we use it for coat storage.

The top has a few goodies, like a vintage picnic basket filled with greenery, a wire chicken (which goes with some decorations in the kitchen), and my Fred-and-Ginger quote. 

This is our music area, with a record/CD/cassette/radio/mp3 player. The cabinet is from The Bronze Leaf, a cute little consignment shop in Moore. That store is the best. Go check it out immediately!

Our mantle, and me. Hello! Laura and I really love Paris apparently. But what's not to love?

And here is the view from the kitchen door. The rug is on loan from a friend who moved to Jordan, the couch formerly resided in Karissa's apartment, and the chair/ottoman set is also from The Bronze Leaf. I'm telling you, that place is a gold mine of awesome.

We have our friend Aaron to thank for this table that he didn't want. But it looks awesome in our place!

Check back for the next virtual tour: le kitchen!

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