Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weekend Happenings

It's been a pretty eventful weekend here at the Base avenue house. Laura and I got to hang out with Abigail  and Henson on Friday night. Originally we planned to go to Iron Starr Urban BBQ, but the Norman location is closed! So we changed gears and ate at this amazing place called Victoria's Pasta Shop. It rivaled the pasta I ate in Italy, which is a high, high compliment. Please check it out if you are ever in Norman. Or better yet, come find me and we will go together!

Saturday I went to Journey Church to find out more about their in school tutoring program, which in one word, was amazing. They have such a great vision for the children in the Norman community! Instead of just meeting the academic needs of the students, it encompasses leadership and life skills too. So cool. I can't wait to help out with this great cause! And hopefully there will be a fitness and healthy food segment of the program eventually, which is definitely something I want to get involved with. Did you know that if the state of health doesn't get better in this country, that children are no longer expected to outlive their parents? Crazy, right? Crazy and sad. And of course, OKC has a high percentage of overweight people anyway, so kids are not learning good habits by example. I have this dream to start a non-profit someday, and I would love for it to emphasize community nutrition and fitness. But anyway, that is in the future, and I am just trying to learn from experience now.

Saturday night was the Miss America pageant, and Tiffany, Brittany and Abigail got to experience how crazy I am about pageants. I have watched Miss America for just about every year since I was born. I was obsessed with Heather Whitestone. I met Jennifer Berry in 2006. And this year the contestant from Oklahoma goes to Memorial Road and used to attend OC. So I definitely wanted to watch the pageant this year! I even made ballots, so whoever predicted the highest number of actual winners won Hello Kitty lip gloss for a door prize.... classy, I know.

Sunday brought the flu to Laura, so Abigail and I went to church this morning and we all watched a movie and had some pretty delicious soup this afternoon. It's been a pretty lazy day, and I am looking forward to the next two days off work! Happy MLK Day, everyone!

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