Monday, January 31, 2011

She's beauty and she's grace.... she's Miss United States

What a great weekend! Driving to Idabel for Abby's pageant was definitely worth it, because she was amazing! Hanging out with Megan and Cara was an added bonus!

Abby rocked the stage. I mean, I knew she was going to do well, but she just blew me away with her talent and poise!

She is such a little flapper!

But she is also graceful and poised.

So it was absolutely NO surprize to me that she got the Crowd Pleaser, Miss Congeniality, and Talent Awards! She also got 2nd Runner Up... not bad for her first pageant. The best part about it was that she was completely real on stage, and you could tell that she was having a blast and wasn't stressed out about winning or not winning.

The day of the pageant I prayed that no matter what happened on stage, that the love of Jesus would shine through, and I know it did! She is just an amazing person and such an example to me, because she loves everyone! I want to have more of that spirit in my life.

All the winners were so talented!

And Abby had a ton of people in the crowd that supported her. 

Plus her whole family was there to cheer her on... and we were all really loud.

After the pageant we hung out at her house and had a giant sleepover with Cara, Megan, Abby and Erin, plus Megan's friend from Harding. I am afraid we may have overwhelmed her with all of our craziness! But it was still fun. I love those girls and am proud to call them my sisters :)

And next weekend I am going home and doing it all over again. Except this time it is the Miss Broken Bow pageant and there are 29 contestants... should be interesting!

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