Friday, June 24, 2011

The day I rode the bus

It shouldn't have been a big deal, really. But for some reason, I worked up every ounce of courage and gumption before I could board the Sooner Express for OKC. Even though I have depended on public transport in The District and in Europe, using the bus here in OKC seemed a little more intimidating. For one, the busses aren't as frequent. So if you miss it, you are out of luck. I was also afraid of walking to the transport hub in the afternoons, but I psyched myself up for it. And yesterday, I rode the bus.

And you know what? It was wonderful. The people were friendly. The passengers knew each other's names and there was a sense of real community. And I didn't have to drive. And I met new people. And I didn't have to drive. Oh, and I am contributing less to air pollution. And did I mention I didn't have to drive?

Needless to say, I loved it. I may be riding the bus to OKC every day.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Check it off my bucket list

Guess who is going to the London 2012 Olympics? Yeah. That would be me. Me and my high-school-age cousin, whom I will escort for her first European trip. Let the planning begin.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Love, twue love

Goodness, I love weddings. Especially when one of my besties is marrying the girl of his dreams! And especially when the wedding weekend involves lots of play time and dancing. Those are the kind of weekends I could live with forever.

It was a long weekend, so I will take you through a quick run down.

We decorated.

We rehearsed.

We told stories.

We sang.

We acted goofy.

We got pretty.

We took pictures.

We teared up, watching the most precious ceremony ever.

And we danced the night away.

I was honored to be a part of such a meaningful and sincere ceremony. There is no doubt in my mind of how much Tim and Cara truly love each other, and in a world where real love isn't as visible, that is a special and precious gift. I can't wait to see where God takes them on this journey!