Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Yet another snow day

This time, I am determined to enjoy it. You know, appreciate the snow for what it is. I used to love snow, but last week I got all crazy and decided I hated it. I am trying to reform.

Snow really is beautiful, especially when you are in the country. Driving in the snow in a city is NOT fun. I just have to remember that it isn't the snow's fault.

Yesterday I drove up to Tulsa to have lunch at Elote Cafe with my friend Kayla. Love that girl! And Elote was amazing. Definitely check it out if you are ever in Tulsa.

During our random conversations yesterday, Kayla and I got on the subject of technology. I am a technology fan, for the most part. I have an iPhone, a Kindle, a Mac, and so on. BUT. Lately I am feeling tired of technology. For instance, I walked into Starbucks yesterday and I sat down to wait on my order. Almost everyone in there was glued to their smart phone or their laptop. At that moment, I just had the urge to scream, WAKE UP!

Unfortunately, I contribute to the problem. I can't tell you how many times I have checked my twitter feed instead of talking to someone I was in the same room with. I really appreciate blogs because they create and share information. But when you use blogs to replace flesh-and-blood friends, isn't that kind of crazy? If anything, online social networks should add to personal friendships instead of replacing them. God forbid we ignore the people around us because we have our face glued to a screen.

So now I am making a specific effort to not engage in technology when there are real people that deserve my attention. Also, technology distracts me from bible study, exercise and taking care of my chores around the house. I think it is time to set boundaries so that it doesn't rule my life. If you feel the same way, join me! Think about ways you can be intentional in your use of technology, because like everything, it can be a positive or negative part of your life.

Signing off the Internet now,

Kaylee :)

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