Friday, February 18, 2011

Weekend reads

Happy Friday! I'm diving into the glorious world of Internet education and I thought I would share.

  • "The Challenge in the Past 30 Years" from The 30 Project--Startling stats about the state of our food system. Makes me even more motivated to get started on my own garden. 
  • "Should teachers be allowed to hate-blog about their students?" from GOOD--The PR/journalism nerd part of me loves anything associated with 1st amendment controversies, the freedom of speech in particular. Just because you can say something doesn't mean you always should. However, I am sure being a teacher in that sort of environment would be a nightmare... it's just another indication that something is wrong in our society that no one knows how to fix.
  • "Spring Trend: How to Wear 70s Glam" from Empowered Traditionalist--Since I have been slightly obsessed with 1970s television lately(the Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries, the Love Boat and the Dukes of Hazzard mostly), I am very glad to see some of these clothes back in style. Yay for wide-legged jeans!
  • "Blood Runs Through the Streets of Bahrain" by Nick Kristof of the New York Times--It's a morbid title, but Kristof is on the ground in Bahrain, an absolute monarchy and a ally of the U.S. that is the newest country to be rocked by protests. Unfortunately the government isn't handling it very well. Read the article for more information, and keep that country in your prayers.
  • "How to Master Portion Control for Life" from EpicSelf--I've started to adopt the motto "Everything in moderation" for my food habits. It's not a good idea to restrict yourself from foods, but you still have to exercise restraint. Sometimes I am not good at that, but this blog entry has some great guidelines. 
  • "10 Mindful Ways to Use Social Media" from Tricycle--I read this article after having my social media freak-out last week. Boundaries, especially when it comes to the Internet, are good. This article offers very wise words about how to use social media positively.
I'm off to plan my beautiful three-day weekend, and I hope you enjoy yours!

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