Monday, February 7, 2011

playing catch up

I love having a schedule, so the snow days have put me in a frenzy. This week I am playing catch up before round two hits tomorrow night. So work is busy today. And tomorrow I am driving up to Tulsa for a restaurant article for the Oklahoman. I had to cancel my massage appointment for it, but it will be worth it because the food is supposed to be great and I get to hang out with some friends from Tulsa. 

This weekend was busy, busy, busy. On Friday Laura, Abigail and I drove to Edmond for Gamma's spring sing lock in. I may have graduated, but I still love spring sing. I can't wait to see it this year! Also, special thanks to Karissa for buying my tickets this weekend. It is going to be awesome.

Oh, and someone tried to recruit me for the paraolympic volleyball team. I can't make this stuff up. If he only knew how horrible I am at volleyball! Just because I am tall does NOT mean I am right for volleyball or basketball.... give me ballet any day :)

Even though the roads were horrible, I drove home on Saturday for the Black and White Ball and the Miss BBHS pageant. Both events were fun. The B&W Ball was a Chamber of Commerce fundraiser, and my mom had extra tickets so Laura and I both went. Then the pageant.... you already know how I feel about pageants. I just love them. It is one of my [many] eccentricities. There were a few of the Bypass youth girls in it, and I just had to see them perform. The top two winners were from Bypass, and they were cousins! How cute is that? Also the reigning Miss BBHS was a cousin/sister to the top two ladies. It was a very cool evening. I think Laura might have been slightly overwhelmed by the Giddens + McDaniel family craziness, but we definitely had a great time. I think I had just been cooped up in the house for too long! I am thankful for a few days off from the cold weather, even if I think it is beautiful.

Now off to drop off my recycling and stock up on some groceries! Stay warm and happy today!

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