Friday, May 27, 2011

What I love about Oklahoma

As almost all my friends know, I have an extreme love and loyalty to Oklahoma. Some people call it a fly-over state, but I see it as an up-and-coming area that has the perfect combination of hospitality, charm and determination.

That being said, I found one more reason to love Oklahoma this past week.

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Did you know that Mike Morgan, Chief Meteorologist of Channel 4, has a severe weather tie that is BEDAZZLED? Amid the fear of the recent tornado outbreak here in the heartland, this was the only bright spot in an afternoon of destruction.

I'm not usually a Morgan-watcher (mostly because he reminds me of Uncle Albert on Bewitched). During the snowpocalypse I had a crush on Rick Mitchell of channel 5, but Mike Morgan is far more entertaining when the weather is more serious. There was a lot of yelling, especially when David Payne was trying to get his attention. Thanks to the tie and their crazy antics, the News 4 crew made a life-threatening situation a little more bearable.

So here's to you, Mike! I hope I don't have to see your tie for a while, but I will be watching you next time the occasion calls for it.

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  1. Thank you for this little shout out to Mike. I have grown up with Mike Morgan and his severe weather broadcasts are always my favorite! There's no telling what he will say! Haha! I miss him, and Houston doesn't have a weatherman like him!