Wednesday, May 9, 2012

housing update

Guess what, y'all? I officially live in downtown OKC. And after three days of unpacking, I still can't find my toothbrush and toothpaste. (Don't worry, I had a travel size set for just such an emergency.)

I'm still adjusting to the move and to living by myself, but everything is going really well. The only mishap so far was a giant picture falling on my bed in the middle of the night (of course, it would be the first night I stayed by myself, so I was terrified). After I get that back on the wall, the bathroom organized, and my stationary/desk stuff put away, I will have some really lovely photos of a really lovely apartment to share.

And even better, I will have my first apartment guests this weekend for my pre-birthday celebration. Kim and Karissa are headed my way from Tulsa, and we are going to have a wonderful weekend full of picnics, pedicures and hopefully old Disney movies. Sounds like perfection to me!

(P.S. The first thing I made in my apartment? Sweet tea. Obviously.)

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