Thursday, March 29, 2012

Live well

This article perfectly expresses something that Karissa and I talked about last week: all seasons of life are worthy of living well.

When you are a student, learn as much in and out of the classroom as possible.
When you are single, take advantage of every opportunity to be free, discover who you really are, and make 1,000 memories that you wouldn't make otherwise.
When you are married, be an awesome husband or wife.
When you are a mom or dad, make it your mission to be a great parent to your kids.
When you are widowed, a grandparent or living in a nursing home, share your history and your knowledge with everyone. And be spunky like Betty White and/or Jessica Fletcher from Murder, She Wrote. Or classy and debonair like Christopher Plummer. 

Life is too short to sit in an ivory tower and sigh about what you are missing. No matter the season, live well.

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  1. What a fantastic article. I loved it. Especially the part that said "God cares about this part of your life."

    Can't wait to see you tonight!!