Monday, March 5, 2012

During the last two weeks of January, I decided to buy a car, chopped 5 inches off my hair, got glasses, changed my phone number and decided to move to Oklahoma City from Norman.

Sometimes you just have those days, you know?

And after a few months of searching for the perfect place to live, I am happy to say that I have an official move in day to a lovely apartment. In just two short months, I'll be living within walking distance to work (my dreams of being a quasi-urbanite are coming true!) and the property has an awesome pool to boot. Very excited to see what the summer holds.


  1. Congrats!! There are so many exciting things going on in your life!

  2. So excited for you!! I love change, especially in the season of life that we are in because it makes it seem all the more concrete that we are settling into life and the future that we for so long worked for.