Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Thoughts on Chorale reunion from a Chorale dropout

Last weekend I visited my alma mater: Oklahoma Christian University.

It's located just north of OKC in Edmond, and even though I live in Norman, I rarely go back to campus. It's by choice; OC just doesn't seem like home for this season of my life. But the retirement of the long-time choir director (and the fact that Karissa was a dedicated member of the music department) enticed me to return for one weekend.

I was in Chorale for three semesters and for the first two, Chorale was a joy. It's how I made my first upperclassmen friends. Life got busy after that and my class and work schedule didn't mesh with the Chorale practice schedule, so I dropped out.

Still, I wanted to go back this weekend.

It was like I had never left. I hung out with the rowdy kids and got dirty looks from the serious kids. It was wonderful.

And the concert, where we sang a 120-page piece that I had never laid eyes on before, went wonderfully. It was such a great weekend to remember that I love music and I love performing.

Karissa and I weren't friends when we were in Chorale together. And I bet Dr. Adams is SO GLAD, because we wouldn't have been even slightly productive. In fact, during this picture, we got dirty looks from the more studious former Chorale members. Worth it. 

Our new friend Tami, who is just as fun and sassy as I like to think we are. She kept us safe and SANE the entire weekend. She also  took all the pictures I included today.

Also, see how red our eyes are? I teared up sobbed during the last movement of the mass and during the last song. It was such a special moment to be a part of. 

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  1. Whoa! I cried and I was just watching the video! But that song always makes me cry...even when I sing it in church. Oh, OC! Thanks for sharing!