Monday, March 21, 2011

My non-spring break

Well, I just survived my first "spring break" post-college.  Meaning, spring break did not really exist for me. I know, it's a hard knock life.

Actually, I still managed to have a blast. The week kicked off with Will and Holly's wedding, which was wonderful. He is my first guy friend to get tie the knot and it was fun to have everyone in one place. 

Photo courtesy of Aaron. Thanks Aaron!
I think this picture is the only thing that makes me miss being in college. We all had so much fun over the past 4+ years! Every memory I have includes one of these lovely people. So thanks, y'all, for making it such a blast! 

Also, I was one of the cake cutters! They had an awesome Abby Road cake complete with bride and groom figures leading the Beatles. Will and Holly share a mutual love for the Beatles, so it fit their wedding perfectly!

And this one is from Karissa. Sorry I am such a photo stealer.
Miriam and I made an emergency food run after the wedding and went to a Non concert at War Paint Clothing in the Plaza District in OKC. It seemed like a wedding after-party because so many people ended up there. I always love Non concerts, too, because they give me the perfect opportunity to people-watch. (Trust me, indie kids can border on strange and unkempt. No judgement, just facts.) It was fun, but I was exhausted when it was over.

Kim stayed with Laura and me, so we spent Saturday being lazy. My mom and Abby got into town that afternoon and we went to Victoria's to celebrate my beautiful Mom's birthday! (Victoria's has wonderful pasta if you are ever in Norman.)

And if one wedding and one concert isn't enough for a weekend, I spent Saturday night at a Glenn Miller Orchestra concert with my mom. I am a huge 40s music fan and I felt like I had died and gone to heaven. We had third row seats, and I could see some of the sheet music they were using--some of it was probably from the original orchestra! So neat! 

The rest of the week went much more slowly. Tiffany, Megan and Abby all kicked it with us for the first half of the week. We cooked good food, played scrabble and Trivial Pursuit, and explored OU's campus. 

 For me having to work, it was a decent week of vacation! 

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