Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Busiest week ever

"No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow." --Unknown
I may be heralding it a bit too early, but I think spring is here. The plants think so, too. The trees all over Norman are bursting into bloom, and I can't wait to plant my tiny container garden in a few weekends. 

The past week has been the busiest of the year so far. I mean, I danced at the half-time of the Thunder game, met the one and only Pioneer Woman, saw more friends than I can count, had an eating marathon, watched Spring Sing (my favorite night of the year, ha), saw more friends, went to church, ate some more, and then finally crashed into a coma after too much happiness in one weekend. 

Let's see. I'll start at the beginning. For some reason, I decided to sign up through Zumba to participate in the Zumba half-time performance at the OKC Thunder game. It actually turned out to be about 80% frustrating, but I love performing so that part was fun. Actually, my cousin-in-law Kayla is a Zumba instructor, so she was there. We also saw a lot more OC people than I expected. I couldn't keep my half-time performance a secret :)

On Friday, La and I went to Edmond but first decided to go meet THE P-Dub at Hastings in Norman (which is where I am writing this entry). She was charming and witty, everything I expected her to be. It was fun, and even though we waited more than 3 hours to get our books signed, it was fun. You should have seen all the cute babies and precious husbands. Those were some brave men.

Spring sing weekend was completely blissful. Normally, I am running around leading tours, working booths AND performing (Natalie did it this year, I was so proud of her!). In short, it was the most exhausting weekend. This time I just got to enjoy it all without the stress. I loved seeing all my undergrad friends! And watching spring sing was just about the best thing that ever happened!

I am happy to say that my friend Wil's show (the Chi Godzillas) took first place. It was a tough race, but looking back on my videos on Saturday night makes it evident why they won. Literally every club was entertaining and exciting, though. It was one of the best spring sings for clubs I have ever been to! I have to say, Gamma and Kappa did AMAZING. And Delta.... there are no words. Well, actually there are three: Zombie Mister Rodgers. I'll upload videos tomorrow and post them!

As Ke$ha would say, spring sing is my drug. Still. Which makes me a pathetic alumna.

Oh, Giddens clan. What would I do without you? We missed you Brad, Shelley, Megan and Erin!

From what I hear, Karissa was an AMAZING club coordinator! Good job, Karissa! 

Also, Aaron was in charge of the high school students' housing for the weekend. I know he did a great job too!

The Kappa Cops were SO GOOD. Seriously one of the best Kappa shows in so long! Good job, guys! 

And I have already said how good Chi's show is... SO GOOD! Wil and Danny did a fantastic job as directors.

Sorry this post is so long! I should definitely be more consistant in my blogging. Here is a quote from a women's ministry blog that I found uplifting today, maybe you will like it, too!
"If you are in a silent season of transition, be encouraged that the God of this universe is working deeply and gently within you to fashion you for His purposes. He has not left you and He is not distant. Rest in His presence and yield yourself to His gentle, faithful plans. It may not be until down the road that you can look back and say, 'Oh, there He was!' but absent the neon flashing signs today, you can be confident that 'He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.' (Philippians 1:6)" --

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