Tuesday, February 18, 2014

why my hair is out of control today

Uh, Happy New Year?

I haven't posted since Oct. 16 so Happy Halloween, Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas while we are at it, okay?

I sort of expected 2014 to start slow, but that hasn't been the case. But I had a long weekend (thanks, Obama and all other presidents) and it gave me a chance to breathe and recharge a bit. I feel like my creative juices are flowing once more.

I go through phases with my interests. for instance, sometimes I will only read Jane Austen books and nothing else. Other times I want to watch all the old superhero reels from the 1930s and 40s. lately, though, I have been crazy for the 1970s. I can't get enough of the music/television/style.

It all started when I randomly caught an episode of the Love Boat on TV this weekend.

OMG. This corny, unrealistic television gem makes me want to take to the sea like nothing else. This show is pure gold to me, partially because of the antics of the crew and partially because of the fantastic A- to D-list stars that get to play star-crossed lovers each episode. AND the hair! the clothes! I am in raptures over Julie McCoy's fancy gowns (and also dubious on how she affords them/where she stores them in that cabin of hers) and her minimal makeup style.

I binged on the Love Boat and watched 6 episodes or so, which led me to buy these hot rollers* (and I am a fan! the curl lasted all day with minimal styling product). apparently it isn't enough for me to just watch the show, I also want to look like the starlets aboard the Pacific Princess. I think the final effect was more 40s than 70s, but overall I am satisfied and I will keep playing with my technique to get the look just right. Long live 1970s fashion!

Sorry for the crazy eyes. They are a direct result of taking a selfie. 
HOWEVER, if you catch me wearing a polyester suit, please stop me. there are some things from the 70s that need not come back in style. :)

*not sponsored. The folks at Remington don't know I'm alive.

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  1. I probably could have given you some hot rollers. I know they are around here someplace!