Sunday, March 17, 2013

Weekend movie: Top o' the Morning (1949)

I just got home from Karissa's wedding in Tulsa after a whirlwind weekend of bridesmaid dresses, hairspray, and cake cutting. It was beautiful and perfect in every way. I'll have pictures on the blog later, but while I am editing them, I decided to kick back and celebrate St. Patrick's Day with an old movie. Because, really, what could be better?

This 1949 B&W movie stars Bing Crosby as an American insurance investigator that travels to Ireland in order to investigate the theft of the Blarney Stone. When he arrives, posing as an artist, various mishaps cause him to fulfill an ancient prophesy regarding the daughter of the local police captain. 

The light storyline has all of my favorite elements--music, romance, mystery, folklore and, of course, Ireland. Can I please go back there and sing folk songs for a living? Please and thank you. 

Even though I figured out the "villain" before the main characters did, how the story comes together still kept me in suspense. And overall, it just increased my wanderlust to travel back to Ireland. This was the perfect way for my exhausted self to celebrate one of my favorite holidays.

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