Friday, February 22, 2013

Valentine's Day escapades

I was totally overwhelmed with love and chocolate this Valentine's Day. I've always loved this special day--making funny notes to send to friends, baking sweet treats to share with others. And now that I work downtown and park at Main Street Parking Garage downtown, they make every holiday a little more awesome by giving out cookies and having live music. But this year was even more special because I got to celebrate with Daniel (sorry so sappy).

My Valentine's Day prep started the night before when Daniel and I made these to take to our offices the next day. (Yeah, they are totally not Paleo. I knew that I couldn't withstand the temptation so I had a few built-in cheat days.) And then I finally got to use my old school label maker to finish up my gifts.

And I found the cutest valentines to give to my coworkers this year. ( LOVE. I only printed the appropriate ones.

And then I got a few surprises of my own from Daniel and my parents!

Besides the roses, Daniel got me a huge box of K-cups for my Keurig (because I am totally obsessed with it) and I got him a little scrapbook (a work in progress) and a few seasons of Southland on DVD.

Daniel and I went to Blu for their Valentine's Day meal. It's one of Daniel's very favorite restaurants, and we love going to Norman since we both lived there at the same time but didn't know each other yet. It gives both of us a chance to revisit our favorite haunts. Blu was so amazing, but I completely forgot to take pictures while we were there. Here are a few of us from that night.

It was such a happy day! By far one of the best Feb. 14 in my personal history.

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