Sunday, January 1, 2012

On being intentional

In 2011, my theme for the year was grace--extending grace to others, and giving grace to myself. I'm an admitted perfectionist, but perfection is a prison that can only be unlocked by grace. And God continues to convict and transform my life in that area.

The new year and new focus is intentionality. Instead of blindly walking through life, I want to grow in wisdom. I want to examine how I live and test it.

It may be broad, but every aspect of life should be intentional: time management, money, health, relationships, etc.

So for now, I want to focus on wasting less time and energy on unimportant things. (Here's looking at you, Facebook.)

I want to invest my time in things that actually develop fruit in my life.

I want to have resolve rather than than resolutions.

My only goal is to follow God's lead and finish what I start. I know that each tear and heartache in 2012 is just a seed that will produce an immeasurable harvest of joy in the future. I'm ready to see what this year holds.

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